SHAIN Metal Modular Bench w/2-1/4" M-19

When considering the kinds of furniture, you should always be mindful that you don't overlook the important stuff! This metal modular bench will provide you the quality and value that you need - and will look good while showing it!
Item Code: SH-MM-718

Mfg List: $928.00
Sale Price: $809.99
You Save: $118.01 (13%)

Product Description:

When you're trying to find the perfect kinds of furniture for your living or work place, you can sometimes find yourself overlooking some things that are more obvious than they may seem. Regardless of whether you are getting something for working or just for some place around the house, a metal modular bench can be a great addition. It fits in well with whatever setting depending on how you arrange it - especially if your furniture is based more on a metal aesthetic than anything else - and offers quite a lot of utility, especially for how much of a value it is.

  • Made from high quality metal that will ensure that its use will continue well beyond the purchase
  • Priced accordingly considering the high value level
  • Oversize Shipping: $161.45

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