Melissa & Doug Surgeon Puppet

Melissa & Doug Surgeon Puppet
Inspire your kids to dream big with a puppet who saves lives for a living. 
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Product Description:

Superheroes and firefighters aren't the only role models who save lives. Teach your child that science and medicine can be just as awesome by giving them their very own surgeon to play with. The Melissa & Doug Surgeon Puppet is a long-lashed doctor with a stethoscope, teal scrubs, and a pocket full of medical supplies, and everything on her is plush and safe for small children. 

Surgeons are among the most highly-skilled and well-paid professionals on the planet, so it's hard to think of a better role model for today's children. With Susan's help, you can teach your daughter that anything is possible in her own career, or show your son that smart women are fun and relatable. 

 Whether they want to play doctor or put on a puppet show, Dr. Susan Chartwell is the perfect toy for your bright and creative kids. They'll even get to hone their coordination and motor skills, as they learn how to change Susan's facial expressions and make her look like she's really talking. The puppet comes with a detachable wooden rod that can be connected to her right or left hand, letting kids make lifelike gestures while they manipulate her mouth with their other hand.

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