Melissa & Doug Scratch Brush (12 pack)

Create your own scratch boards with the Melissa & Doug Scratch Brush (12 pack) set.  It's everything you need to create your own colorful collection of scratch pictures.
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Product Description:

Using the Melissa & Doug Scratch Brush (12-pack) set you and your child can create your own scratch boards for use in making their own artwork.  Thanks to this set your child is no longer constrained by the images they can create on the scratch boards provided in any set.  Now they can make their own color combinations that come to life on their own scratch boards.  Now they can be any colors and combination of colors that they desire.  They are only limited by their own imaginations.  Once they are complete using this brush set, they are free to create their own designs with colors that they choose prior to beginning.  It's a whole new world of scratch boards.

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