Melissa & Doug Husky - Plush

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The Melissa & Doug Husky – Plush is a cold winter companion.
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Huskies used for sled racing and adventure in the Northern Hemisphere, are also energetic trekking dogs with capacity to travel great distances in the snow. Athletic and strong, the Husky has a thick double coat with white, gray, and black fur. Known for their pale blue eyes, Huskies are exquisite in their appearance, as they are in their demeanor. The Husky is a cold loving dog always ready for fun.

The Melissa & Doug Husky - Plush dog toy is a well-constructed stuffed toy made of excellent quality synthetic fur materials. The lifelike appearance of this Husky toy dog, is so convincing you may think you are preparing to head out on a journey to the North Pole. With a curled tail and magnetic eyes, this Husky Plush toy dog is a loyal friend.

Item Dimensions: 30 inches x 20.8 inches x 9.2 inches

Weight: 4.4 pounds

Category: Plush Dogs

Age Rating: 3+ years

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