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These hand manikins make it easy to practice drawing or painting hands in a variety of positions. 
Product Description:

Looking for a reference tool in drawing or sketching human figures? Richeson Hand Manikins serve as a valuable reference tool for any artist. Both right and left, female and male hands are available, so you can choose the best option for your project. Each manikin is crafted from carefully smoothed, beautiful natural wood. Fingers hinge just as joints would naturally bend, so you'll enjoy a lifelike replication of real hand positioning. 

For years, artists have struggled to capture the expression of human hands. These life-sized models (11.5 inches from wrist to fingertip) make it easier to get every line just right. Whether you're just beginning to take up drawing human figures or you're an experienced pro just wanting to complete a familiar task a bit differently, give these hands a chance to make your art come to life!

Hand Manikins by The Jack Richeson Company Beautiful hand manikin 11.5 inches in size. Right and Left, Female and Male. Made of Natural Wood.

Capturing and rendering the gesture and articulation of the human hand is one of the most challenging problems that an artist can master. Make it easier with these life size models.


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