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Product Description:

Whether you are at work or at play, you will need to get the most out of your chair. You need an ergonomic seating device that moves when your body moves to aid you in stretching and relaxing. The Everyday Kore Chair is an innovative stool-shaped chair that provides at least three benefits that a multitude of consumers love:

A Pillow-Soft Seat

The Everyday Kore Chair caters to your backside with its padded rounded seat. You will enjoy the extra layers of comfort that you need while you are working, performing computer work, painting or studying your most important school subjects. The slightly curved seat has a 14-inch diameter, and its design complements the body parts that need extra padding the most.  

An Ergonomic Solution

The Everyday Kore Chair is an ingenious creation because the designer had ergonomics and fitness in mind. The chair spins and rocks with your body, which allows you to have free movement. However, the base of the unit has a safety lip on it to prevent you from tilting too much while you are reaching.

You can perform a wide variety of exercises right from the seat of your own chair. You can work areas such as your abdomen, your obliques, your back, and your legs. You will feel wonderful at the end of your workday from the health advantages that this wonderful seat can give you. Additionally, the Everyday Kore Chair works well for therapeutic treatment of back and joint soreness.

A Fashion Statement

The Kore stool is a true chameleon of design because it can fit with just about any scheme. You can choose from three seat textures such as fabric, vinyl and leather look. Your Everyday Kore Chair can go nicely with your office furniture, living room set, or even your bedroom. Its style is highly contemporary, so it can go well inside the home of any artist or designer.

If you are tired of getting out of your old chair with a sore back or bottom, then you may want to try the Everyday Kore Chair . You can replace an existing chair with one of these beauties and see how you feel at the end of a long workday. You are guaranteed to see amazing results on your very first day.

The revolutionary Everyday Kore Chair provides instant back pain comfort, posture correction, and relief from bottom soreness. It can improve your overall health during long workdays and extensive projects. Its ergonomic design gives you freedom to move around and exercise.

Take one home and feel the difference.

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

4 out of 5, Based on 2 Reviews.
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Huntsville, ON Canada
February 14, 2012

We have had it only a week now but it seems like a great stool, and is perfect at a desk in our kitchen (no wheels to bang into the side cabinetry walls). Probably could stand some more cushioning in the seat.
Los Angeles, CA
April 01, 2011

I really like this stool. I wanted something that didn't have wheels and would be kind to my back that tends to go out after sitting in regular office chairs for long periods of time.

This is a great solution. I initially was looking at Swopper, but at $600 after tax that was just not in budget. This seemed a more affordable option for me.


I have far less back stress.

I sit taller.

The rocking action actually keeps me insensibly swiveling and working my waist, getting a mini-workout without even noticing!

The stool easily adjusts up and down so my kids like it high and I like it low and its pneumatic lever makes that a snap.

Con - just one!

There is nowhere near enough padding on this seat. I'm well-padded in the behind myself but the pad is so thin on this you can actually feel the bolts holding the top to the bottom if you're not careful. It definitely needs more padding.

I think I will just make a new padded cover for mine. I do really, really like it. Just wish they could have offered a deep pad option because I definitely would have paid more for it.

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