KEENCUT Cutting Products


Keencut Ltd was incorporated in 1982 to build on the founders sixteen years experience in the manufacture and marketing of cutting machines. The very first machines were designed for picture framers and the first products were sold in early 1983. The Keencut range now includes specific and general purpose cutting machines for the many different and difficult materials used in the visual communications industries, a range of cutters for the home, hobby and craft markets as well as an expanded range of highly developed products for picture framing throughout North America.
In 1997 Keencut moved into a new factory which provided a major expansion of facilities. Extra computer controlled machine tools were installed which enabled us to produce every machined component in-house under strict continuous quality control. In 2004 Keencut moved into their new purpose built headquarters. This is a World class engineering facility dedicated to the manufacture of World class products.

In common with the best international manufacturing practice it is Keencut policy to adjust and test all machines, ready for use, with minimum customer assembly. Unique special accessories are included as standard features when they are advantageous to the full utilisation of any machine, optional accessories are offered for exceptional applications only.