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There are several types of DVDs that comprise of different categories in the world. In this article, discussion will be based on five different categories that will elaborate their different features. Everybody has a different type of DVD he or she likes and they also take different time depending on the content. Most of them do not take much time. The following are some kinds of genre discussed in this article:
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 #33141 Rice: A Precious Commodity: 89.95
 #32213 Thinking Big: 149.95
 #32209 Big Ideas - 4-part series: 599.80
 #37425 Great Museums - 29-part series: 1,468.55
 #35860 The Ultimate Media Librarian Collection - 6-part series: 3,995.95

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Product Description:
The first DVD is the interdisciplinary – Rice.
  • ISBN-13: 978-0634047954
  • Run Time 31 minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2002
Most people in the world consider Rice a precious commodity. The DVD has a run time of 31 minutes. Over half of the people in the world use rice as a staple food. The program elaborated in the DVD tends to look at the general benefit of rice. Also, it covers the following, history, primary production, biology, marketing and processing and finally the environmental impact that rice has on its farming. Furthermore, the programs also elaborate the creation of creation miracles rice. These are rice created through the genetic modifications. Due to the modifications, there are certain health issues that have also been addressed in the program.
  • Thinking Big
  • ISBN: 319901
  • Run Time: 58 minutes
  • Copyright date: 1989
The second interdisciplinary is about thinking big. It has a running time of 58 minutes where the program brings on board six intellects; mathematical John Nash, a mathematical biologist known as Martin Nowak, mathematician Enrico Bomberi, mathematician-physicist Freeman Dyson, cultural anthropologist called Clifford Geetz, and pianist Robert Taub. All these elites try to talk about the roads to success in the program. They cover the topics such as evolution and general adaptation of language, genetic engineering arthrography of Southeast and the game theory.
  • Big Ideas
  • ISBN: 9780176110789
  • Run Time: 57 minutes
The third disciplinary is about the big ideas. The DVD has run time of about 57mins.

The extraordinary series that runs in four different parts was filmed and produced at the Princeton’s renowned Institute for Advanced Study. The film that was done on the national radio introduces both the viewers and the listeners to various great minds. The great minds are seen through what appeared to be intimate, history, mathematics, and cross-disciplinary conversation. Linguistics, its and music. The Knowles from these scholars were p [robe through various means. First the scholars would share their stories passions and several insights.
  • The great museums
  • ISBN: 9781608837588
  • Run Time: 55 minutes
The fourth interdisciplinary DVD is the Great Museums. The great museum DVD has a running time of 55 minutes. The program advocates for the importance of taking children to Museums. The great museums are good for the children since it features peoples, values, and certain important artifacts. These features are very significant to the country since they are seen as those that have helped the country develop so fast to what it is today.

Visiting Museums has several benefits to the regular visitors. Visiting Great Museums, for instance, will always encourage learning and discovery of new ideas. This is done through a well-elaborated interview with the experts for the museums. Some of these experts include; researchers, volunteers and any other person who share the same passionate about museums
  • Ultimate Librarian Collection
  • ISBN: 0425196437
  • Run Time: 95 minutes
  • Copyright date: 1998
The last interdisciplinary is the Ultimate Media Librarian Collection. This type of DVD has a running time of 95 minutes. The program keeps the media library up-to-date. The film is usually grouped into six subjects- specific mini collections. The film offers a program on business, English science, social sciences, and arts.

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