Half Past Autumn: The Life and Art of Gordon Parks Video (DVD)

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Half Past Autumn: The Life and Art of Gordon Parks Video (VHS/DVD). In this program, 85-year-old Gordon Parks discusses his multifaceted, lifelong career in the arts. Best known, perhaps, for his photography, Mr. Parks has documented the plight of the poor as a photojournalist with Life magazine, the lives of the famous, and the looks of the fashion elite. A distinguished film director, poet, author, composer, and digital art pioneer as well, Gordon Parks has spent his life getting to know the world one person at a time. Yet in a career spanning more than 50 years and packed with noteworthy accomplishments, Mr. Parks feels that his best works are still to be done. (12 minutes.) Photography, Art and Photography. 1998
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Toledo, OH
March 19, 2010

This is a wonderful interview with Gordon Parks just a few years before he passed away. Albeit brief, it is an invaluable glimpse into this man's background and philosophy as an artist who documented such a wide breadth of humanity.

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