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Whatever you treasure will be protected in the manner it deserves with this heirloom chest.
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 #GO41D/B42B Set- Golden Oak [with Nickel Hardware]
 #GO41D/B42B-B Set - Golden Oak [with Brass Hardware] - addl:(+$209.99)
 #WO41D/B42B Set- Walnut [with Nickel Hardware]
 #WO41D/B42B-B Set - Walnut [with Brass Hardware] - addl:(+$209.99)
 #HO41D/B42B Set- Hickory [with Nickel Hardware]
 #HO41D/B42B-B Set - Hickory [with Brass Hardware] - addl:(+$209.99)
 #C41D-B/B42B-B Set - American Cherry (with Brass Hardware & brown felt)

Option #2: 
 Include Gerstner Deluxe heavy duty vinyl fabric Chest Cover(+$58)

Product Description:

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Whether for a treasured collection or anything needing special protection, this Gerstner chest gets the job done in style. Fine craftsmanship ensures the tongue-and-groove construction provides the durability, ruggedness and attractive look expected of an heirloom item. The eleven drawers and top compartment provide plentiful storage areas and are felt lined to keep the items placed in them moisture free.

The sliding hinges used on the front panels allow them to be stored out of the way under the bottom drawers. When closed, these front panels cover all the drawers and provide total security for the contents by locking in combination with the top lid of the chest. Few items selected for the home will be more treasured than this classic example of unequalled craftsmanship.

Purchasers and users of these chests consistently provide 5-Star reviews and use them for their most treasured collections and other items, including:

  • Coins
  • Watches
  • Knives
  • Hobby tools

Once a Gerstner is owned or given, it’s easy to understand the oft-quoted slogan,

If is worth protecting...

                              It's worth a Gerstner!

This chest and base come in several variations with multiple options. These include:

Features of the 41D:

  • Front panel with slides and locks
  • Fine nickel plated hardware
  • Brown felt lining in Cherry, black in Maple, green in Oak
  • Drawer for machinist’s handbook

41D Dimensions:

  • Overall – 20” W 13-1/2” H 10-1/2” D
  • Top compartment – 19” W 3” H  9-1/4” D
  • Machinist handbook drawer
  • All drawers - 7-3/4” D
  • 4 drawers  - 5-1/2” W 1-1/4” H
  • 1 drawer - 18-1/4” W 1-1/4” H
  • 1 drawer - 18-1/4”W  2-1/8” H

Features of the B42B:

  • Front panel with slides and locks
  • Fine nickel plated hardware
  • Brown felt lining in Cherry, black in Maple, green in Oak

B42B (Base) Dimensions:

  • Overall – 21-1/2” W 7-1/4” H 11-1/2” D
  • All drawers - 8-5/8” D
  • 1 drawer  - 5” W 1-1/4” H
  • 2 drawers - 6-1/8” W 1-1/4” H
  • 1 drawer - 19-5/8”W  2-3/8” H

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May 03, 2011

Superb! I am proud to own one of your chests.