GERSTNER INTERNATIONAL Oak Tool Chest GI-530 - Click to enlarge
GERSTNER INTERNATIONAL Oak Tool Chest GI-530 - Click to enlarge


Item Code: GI-530

Mfg List: $299.00
Sale Price: $239.00
You Save: $60.00 (20%)

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Product Description:
GI-530 GERSTNER INTERNATIONAL Oak Tool Chest {FREE SHIPPING in the 48 states}
Model: GI-530 Oak Chest

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Another classic machinist tool chest designed by Gerstner International.
Gerstner International is a lower-priced, imported line of chests, imported to the USA by H. Gerstner & Sons - the same famed Gerstner company that make the legendary made in the USA Gerstner USA line.
Gerstner, themselves, inspects and approves to their high standards each of these imported items, and puts their seal of approval with a brass "Gerstner International" name-plate.

This GI-530 Gerstner International Oak Tool Chest can be used in so many ways. Perfect for storage and organization of tools, hobby-collections, valuables etc… We use it to store art supplies, paints and brushes!
Protects form moisture.

• Made of Solid American red Oak construction and red oak veneer over a plywood inner core
• Lock-joint corners
• Hand-rubbed stain & lacquer
• Green felt lining
• Chrome-plated hardware
• Front panel has a key-lock
• Eight drawers
Wt: 23 lbs

Overall Dimensions: 20" (Width) x 10" (Depth) x 13 1/2" (Height)

Top Compartment: 19"(W) x 9"(D) x 3"(H)
Next 4 Drawers: 4 3/4"(W) x 7 ¼"(D) x 1 1/2"(H)
1 Drawer: 5"(W) x 7 ¼"(D) x 2 3/4"(H)
1 Drawer: 18"(W) x 7 ¼"(D) x 3/4"(H)
1 Drawer: 18"(W) x 7 ¼"(D) x 1 1/8"(H)
1 Drawer: 18"(W) x 7 ¼"(D) x 1 3/4"(H)

{FREE SHIPPING in the 48 states}

Customer Reviews
By: Anonymous on 01/08/2014
By: Anonymous on 01/08/2014
By: Anonymous on 01/06/2014
By: Anonymous on 01/06/2014
By: Dan Lampe from Grand Haven, MI on 01/11/2013
Very much pleased with the quality received for the price. Madision shipped fast, packaged well. Would buy another one without hesitation.
By: Chris from Carson City on 04/30/2012
Gerstner International uses parts of lesser quality than the USA line but the actual boxes are about the same. I buy these to rebuild into fine furniture and usually don't keep much except the door hinges. The boxes are well made, though the felt is of inferior quality but can easily be replaced. For art supplies, tools, and just having a cool box, the International series is great. This one will be refinished in brass for my grandson's birthday (who knows what treasures must be protected from discovery when you're 11 years old!) Madison Art has THE best price on the web and the shipping, while slow to planet Nevada, is free. Thanks Madison Art, for a great deal and no hassles.
By: Marty from Pittsburgh Pa on 08/02/2011
I ordered a Gerstner GI-530 chest from Madison Art. They have the best prices and reputation around! The chest arrived just as promised (with free shipping no less) packaged very well and in great condition.I recommend Madison
By: Bill W. from Houston, TX on 04/13/2011
MAdison Art consistently delivers quality merchandise at the lowest prices. I ordered a Gerstner GI-530 chest from Madison Art. It was the lowest price I could find on-line, and was shipped free. It arrived very quickly and was in perfect condition. This is my second Gerstner chest order from Madison Art.
By: JayP from Denver, CO on 03/04/2011
My new GI-530 chest is beautiful ... solid and very well made. It's perfect for storing my watches and jewelry. I can't imagine using something so lovely for dirty old tools! Madison Art had the best price and offers free shipping! I am very pleased with this purchase.
By: Larry Newmark from Pittsfield, MA on 02/21/2010
I ordered a Gerstner GI-530 chest from Madison Art. They have the best prices and reputation around! The chest arrived just as promised (with free shipping no less), packaged very well and in great condition.I am a fly fisherman and I store quite a bit of my fly tying stuff in the new chest. By the way, Orvis sells the same box for a significantly higher price - their's is over $80 higher! I highly recommend Madison Art.
By: Lester Pannone from Ansonia ,CT on 01/29/2010
The quality of the chest is pretty good but bear in mind it IS made in China and there quality control is not the same as Gerstner USA. However it is still very well made,solid wood for less than half the price. Mine had one screw put in bent, that held on the corner protector. Rather than deal with customer service I fixed it myself. Also you will not find a better price for this anywhere else. It would have gotten five stars if not for that screw. Thank's Madison Art Shop !!!
By: Billy Rudd from Pulaski, tn on 01/11/2010
I ordered the GS-530 Gerstner Int. tool chest and I am very pleased with it. Everthing is top qality except the lock did not work. I caled Gerstners plant and the company is sending me a replacement. Madison Art has the best prices you will find. The packing of the chest was great. Top quality-fair price. Thanks again, Bill Rudd

In the hopes of answering a few questions - see the following:

A question, if you don’t mind:

I’ve seen tool chests referred to as Gerstner International GI-532, GI-530 & GI-525 for extremely low prices compared to other Gerstner tool chests. I notice that they’re red oak as compared to the Gerstner USA which are white oak.

If they are in fact made by Gerstner, can you tell me what compromises have been made in their manufacture that allows dealers to sell them at such low prices? And if I buy one am I getting a real Gerstner tool chest?

Gerstner Reply:

In this day and age of overseas competition we took a look at the copies of our chests already coming in to the USA and realized that there is a large demand for a good chest at an economical price. The reality is that we know most people would really like to own a Gerstner USA product, but their price is not affordable to everyone. To this end, we have been working with our overseas manufacturer for over a year to bring to market a Gerstner branded import that we are comfortable marketing under the Gerstner family of products. We have (after many versions of samples) come up with several new styles which meet this market demand.

Many Gerstner "purists" have been rather vocal in their dislike of our decision to offer an imported product since we have always been known as an example of the best of what the USA has to offer. I can sympathize with their feelings, however it is our job to insure that Gerstner USA remains in business offering our American made line of chests into our next 100 years as well. This import line has done - to date - exactly what we had hoped it would do. It has increased the awareness of the Gerstner brand name to a whole new market of people that never knew we existed before - purely because of their good looks and price points.

As a result, the Gerstner USA division is now growing in number of chests ordered for the first time in over 10 years. We have started hiring on new people for the first time in many years as a direct result the huge volume of chests sold from the Gerstner International (GI) line. Rather than send jobs and work overseas, as many companies have done, we have a true new division that has added to our overall growth as a company. For the real Gerstner "purist" - I would hope they are happy to see us take whatever steps are necessary in order to provide future generations with the same high quality American made products upon which we have established our 99 year reputation.

Are there differences in the two lines of chests? You bet! If you want the "original" Gerstner - the USA division stands ready to meet that need. If you want a really good chest at a super economical price, Gerstner International is here for you too. We have yet to have a GI series chest returned for quality issues. There are some differences in the construction methods, and there is more "play" in the fit of parts on the GI series however, we don't think you will find a better built (actual hardwood - not hardboard veneer) wood chest at such low prices. All GI chests are built with the "old style" look, with the lid pins and top corners on all the chests. The bottom line remains, we would not put our name on it if we were not happy with the quality level for the price paid.

In fact, most people who have seen the Gerstner International chests at the trade shows walk right up to them and explain to their friends that they "have the exact same chest from their Dad" - so for an initial inspection, they fool the Gerstner USA owners in the "looks" department!

It is our intention not to offer the same styles of chests made in the USA as our GI series chests. We will keep a clear and separate division between the two lines of chests. The pieces therefore are not interchangeable. GI chests are made from plain-sawn red oak whereas the USA line of oak chest are quartersawn white oak (sometimes shows up as tiger striped patterns in the wood). We stand behind the GI series chests and they are USA factory backed for service and support. We are very pleased with these chests and believe that people who buy them will be happy with them as well. The GI series chests are Gerstner chests in that they fall under the Gerstner umbrella of products. GI series owners are welcome to join our Owners Club too.

If you have any individual questions or concerns I would be more than happy to help you - please feel free to contact me anytime.

Kim Campbell
VP & Marketing Manager
H. Gerstner & Sons, Inc.