Fritz Scholder, California Mission Painter Video (VHS/DVD)

Fritz Scholder, California Mission Painter  Video (VHS/DVD)
Fritz Scholder, California's artistic mastermind, elegantly captured the best of the Native American spirit. The video California Mission Painter displays the virtuosity of Scholder as he portrays a culture not well understood and giving light to the unknown through two premiere works of his; Television Indian and Film Indian.
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Fritz Scholder has arguably done more for the Native American community than any other artist, as detailed in this Fritz Scholder, California Mission Painter video. Based on his work 'Television Indian' and his gorgeous lithograph 'Film Indian,' Scholder demands the utmost precision and attention in his range of work. He manages to eloquently blend multiple facets and genres:

  • West Coast popular art
  • Bay Area colorism
  • abstract expressionism

These culminate in an organic and riveting painting style that has been respected, and copied, for generations. In all, the video details Scholder crafting the two aforementioned projects, and navigating a culture widely misunderstood. 

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