Fascist Barbarians: Soviet Animation vs. Nazi Tyranny Video (VHS/DVD)

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Fascist Barbarians: Soviet Animation vs. Nazi Tyranny Video (VHS/DVD). Hitler’s invasion of Russia and Germany’s post-WWII partition inspired a great deal of animated Soviet propaganda. This program presents short films that disparage fascist aggression and America’s supposed continuation of it. Fascist Boots and Cinema Circus vilify Hitler and the Nazi invaders; A Lesson Not Learned plays on Russian fears of a reunited, vengeful, and American-supported Germany; and Vasilok, The Adventures of the Young Pioneers, and Pioneer’s Violin are stories about brave and loyal Soviet children encountering and standing up to fascism. Fourteen films total, plus commentary from Russian State Film School professor Igor Kokarev, writer and cultural historian Vladimir Paperny, and actor/producer Oleg Vidov. (140 minutes) Portions are in Russian with English subtitles. The DVD version can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive.
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