Silentaire Eco Air 20 Ultra-Quiet Compressor

If you need an air compressor for your studio that won't bother the rest of the family or wake up the neighborhood, the Silentaire Eco Air 20 is the machine for you!
Item Code: ST-M12090

Mfg List: $789.00
Sale Price: $509.99
You Save: $279.01 (35%)

Product Description:

No one likes the loud rattle of an air compressor, no matter how useful the technology is. That’s why the Silentaire Eco Air 20 Ultra-Quiet Compressor reduces the standard racket to a whisper. Plus, it's completely automatic and rigged for top-of-the-line safety, with moisture trap, pressure line regulator and safety valve. While the Silentaire Eco Air 20 will appeal to artists who work with airbrush technology, this machine also works well for nail technicians who offer airbrushed art to their clients. The fine, even spray creates a beautiful effect no matter what the application, and the almost silent machine makes for peaceful work at any time of the day or night. The machine’s small size makes it easily portable, or easily hidden in a commercial setting. Operating pressure is 55-85 PSI. Oversized shipping is $45.

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