Beka Maple Wood DOLL HOUSE

Beka Maple Wood DOLL HOUSE  - Click to enlarge
Beka Maple Wood DOLL HOUSE  - Click to enlarge
Item Code: BEKA-06700

Sale Price: $79.99

Product Description:
Beka Maple Wood DOLL HOUSE (PLAY PLATFORM) Beka’s Modular DOLL HOUSE meets our high family standards. Endorsed by the manufacturer's grand-daughter Whitney!

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This versatile Doll House is really a "play platform", perfect for all sorts of imaginative play. It is a flexible doll house, a fun elf or fairy home, a castle for knights... whatever a creative mind makes it! Great for individual or social play, rooms are stacked and pivoted to allow easy access from every side, so two children can each have "their own" space. Sturdy Baltic Birch plywood anchors this fun and flexible Doll House. Assembled dimensions: 19-in. wide x 9-in. deep x 15in. high.

Product Features:
Fully assembled Baltic Birch base with four individual rooms. Rooms stack by sliding over central posts. Entire Doll House may be easily carried, holding the top of the two central posts. No hardware, simply slide parts together and have fun!

Package Contents:
Fully assembled Baltic Birch base, four rooms, two central support posts.

Product Specifications:
Weighs: approximately 9 lbs.
Recommended for ages: 4 to 5.
Measures: approximately 11-in. x 9-in. x 22-in.
Gender: Both
Manufacturer: Beka
Item Number: 06700
Manufacturer Number: 06700
UPC: 682317067008
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