Diego Rivera: Art and Revolution Video (VHS/DVD)

Diego Rivera: Art and Revolution  Video (VHS/DVD)

This short film teaches students about the life and works of Diego Riviera. From the political messages to the famous works that have defined his career, this concise video covers it all. 

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Diego Rivera used his passionate belief in Marxism and his love for Mexico to create works that have lived on for decades. His communist beliefs caused a furor when a commissioned work for Rockefeller Center was destroyed because it contained an image of Lenin. His love for Mexico was one of the driving forces in his life, and many of his works reflect that love. In this video, all of these aspects of his life and work are explored in just 12 minutes. Students can get a quick and in-depth look at this influential artist and see images of some of his more enduring works. This film includes information about how Rivera combined European Modernism and ancient Mexican styles to create a style that was truly his own. View a preview clip

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