Decoding Photographic Images Video (VHS/DVD)

Decoding Photographic Images  Video (VHS/DVD)

The Language of Photography series showcases their triumphant study of high end photography in the Decoding Photographic Images Video. Photography harnesses the use of lighting, composition, narrative, and line shape, which form together to create a fully realized and gorgeous complete work. It is more than just clicking a button.

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Product Description:

The Decoding Photographic Images Video, available on VHS and DVD, outlines the multiple components of brilliant photography. The video dissects elements of photography including:

  • volume duality
  • depth of field and horizons
  • shape balance
  • texture
  • lighting
  • point of view (the lens)

The video further explores the power and significance of balancing color with the overall composition. Narrated by various famed photographers, including Jo Whaley, Larry Sultan, and Catherine Wagner, this video expertly demands the utmost quality in professional photography. Through it all, the video intimately touches on how an image impacts the mind and the psychological repercussions of certain photographic elements. The video also includes the author of the respected photo series Sight Sound Motion, Herb Zettl.

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