Composition Cutlery and the Swatch Video (VHS/DVD)

Composition Cutlery and the Swatch Video (VHS/DVD)
The superb Composition Cutlery and the Swatch video showcases a diverse range of composition techniques to improve an artist's style tremendously. The video touches on everything from the rise of the Swatch art movement to the masterfully brilliant work of composition artist Tapio Wirkkala.
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Product Description:

The Composition Cutlery and the Swatch video intricately displays composition, nature, and history in a detailed study perfect for art enthusiasts. 

The video is divided into two core parts:

  • Part 1 explores composition and nature from the view of the famed artist Tapio Wirkkala. The section specifically revolves around the cutlery set known as Composition-A. This notorious piece displays ergonomic structure and sophistication, and is something to be admired.
  • Part 2 dissects the Swatch culture. How has it evolved? What makes it so enticing? The video also shows viewers how the phenomenon has influence the Swiss watch industry through still photos, narration, and demonstrations.

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