Guidecraft Colored Geo Form is a great toy for children of all ages.
Item Code: GUIDECRAFT-G2004

Sale Price: $24.99

Product Description:

Learning is an essential part of growing up and often times, learning is not fun enough on its own. There are however some excellent toys out there that are geared toward learning and the Guidecraft Colored Geo Forms are just that. These durable, innovative and exceptionally fun forms allow children to learn colors, shapes, and even sizes. The extra large base features five rows of shapes all in different colors.

            The toy even offers different levels of shapes allowing children to cultivate shape and color recognition at an early age which is exceedingly useful for children that are in or preparing to start school. The wooden block construction also insures that this toy will be able to withstand any type of play even from the most rambunctious children. This toy is perfect for those that are looking for a great learning toy that is both fun and durable and that is going to help their child succeed in the long run. This versatile toy is great for a large range of ages including smaller children.

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