Color Video (VHS/DVD)

Color Video (VHS/DVD)

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This Color Video on DVD/VHS highlights the multiple aspects of color perception that make certain colors engaging when placed together and others ill-matched. This expertly crafted video details the psychology of color, from the simplest and quickest of perception to the emotional response of seeing certain colors.

Product Description:

The Color Video DVD or VHS expertly details the perspective of color in a variety of ways. Color and color combinations impact the way people percieve and respond to something. This 23 minute video quickly and briskly outlines colors which induce emotional responses, colors which portray a certain energy, and how and why certain color combinations can be implemented in the art of painting. Psychological elements include:

  • how color is used in clothing
  • how people respond to color stimuli
  • what color is in the brain's responses

Color is the sensation of electromagnetic waves and pulses. The video program covers the major elements of color and how they can be maximized to harness a specific emotional response.

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