Neolt® Clamp Strip

Neolt® Clamp Strip

Item Code: AL-TRIM13C

Mfg List: $200.00
Sale Price: $159.99
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Replacement Clamp Strip  is a part for the Neolt trimmer #130, an electric paper cutter designed for precision cuts involving a single piece of paper at a time. Though its production volume may seem a bit low given it only cuts one piece of paper at a time, the Neolt Trim 130 is actually designed for high-volume work. Featuring the ability to slice five feet of paper per second, a simple press of a foot petal or use of the touch bar actuator is enough to get the device going. This product is a replacement part for the Neolt Trim 130, specifically the clear plastic clamp strip.

Product Description:

Neolt Alvin Clamp Strip For Neolt Trim130 offers the following features.

  • Replacement part for the Neolt Trim 130 light duty electric paper cutter
  • Plastic clamp strip lifts automatically at the conclusion of each cut, allowing the user to more efficiently handle the device
  • Clamp strip spans the length of the table for maximum control over the cut

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