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These color-coded graduated circle cutouts range in diameter from 2 to 5 inches and feature raised 2-inch high knobs that make it easy for little hands to manipulate and explore both color and shape. 

Product Description:

The circle sorter stimulates visual discrimination and introduces babies and toddlers to the math concepts of a size, shape and color making it ideal as baby's first wooden puzzle or as a teaching aid in daycare settings. It also develops fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, skills necessary for later tasks such as handwriting, drawing and self-care.  The circle sorter looks and feels like a brightly-colored toy, but goes beyond mere entertainment as it engages babies and toddlers in activities to promote both physical and cognitive development. The circle sorter is recommended for babies over 9 months, but can be used with children into the preschool years to reinforce concepts of color, shape and size and encourage matching and sorting skills. Give your baby the advantage of stimulating toys and watch his development bloom.  This product qualifies for FREE Shipping.

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