Birch Sliding Door Unit - Wall Mounted Cabinet

The Birch Sliding Door Unit with wall mounted cabinets is the perfect addition for those looking to get organized without taking up extra floor space. This storage system is great for artists and business professionals working from home.
Item Code: SH-WM4-12x35

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Product Description:

Cabinet space does not have to take up floor space. The Birch Sliding Door Unit with mounted cabinets is the solution for those wanting to get organized without taking up a lot of space.

Traditional floor-sized cabinets are great for working professionals hoping to clear clutter from the desk. These systems offer drawers that can be filled with tools and portfolios that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Although floor cabinets serve as great storage devices, they sometimes consume more space in a room than desired.

Mounted cabinets are a remedy to the problem of floor space in that they take up area on the wall. A small amount of labor is all that is needed to get these storage devices on the wall. The sliding doors provide privacy that many artists desperately need. Users can place personal items on mounted cabinets and install locks on the doors to decrease the possibility of theft in shared spaces. These storage spaces are great for use even when someone is working in a secure area as they provide uniformity that brings about productivity.

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