Bill Viola: The Eye of the Heart Video (DVD/VHS)

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Bill Viola: The Eye of the Heart Video (DVD/VHS). A pioneer of video art in the 1970s, Bill Viola has spent three decades creating evocative motion-picture and sound installations. This program gets inside his creative process, recording his reflections on his life and work. Exploring his childhood, his struggles as a student, and his feelings about his mother’s death, the program focuses on Viola’s intuitive sensibility and his approach to universal human experiences. His recollections of nearly drowning as a boy, and his statements on childbirth and its resonance in Medieval and Renaissance art, underscore the spirituality and scope of his vision. Also included is the bonus feature Bill Viola and the Making of Emergence, used with permission, © J. Paul Getty Trust. (75 minutes) The DVD version can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive.

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