BEKA Starter 30 pc Block Set

BEKA Starter 30 pc Block Set
Get the imagination of your kids ignited today!
Item Code: BEKA-06030

Sale Price: $79.99

Product Description:

Beka, the manufacturer of popular wooden appliances and toys, brings to you and your child a 30 piece set of blocks to play with. The Beka Starter 30pc Block Set comes with varying shapes of various sizes. They include cylinders, cubed rectangles, triangles and basic, square blocks. Children love these pieces and can build structures that come from their very own imagination. This 30 piece set consists of 9 different shapes to be made into any creative idea that comes to the mind of your child. For the fair price of $79.99, families can get their hands on this block set that will last long enough for grandkids to also enjoy. For years, Beka has held this reputation of longevity, and this set will be no different in quality. Just think of what children will create with the collection of columns, pillars, double pillars, units and even a Roman arch. This set is great to expand a child’s toy collection or to inspire the dreams of architecture in young ages. 

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