BEKA RH-4 Beginner's Loom

BEKA RH-4 Beginner's Loom
Learn to weave with this easy-to-use loom designed for the beginner that features a starter project to get you weaving in no time.
Item Code: BEKA-07101

Sale Price: $53.99

Product Description:

Begin your first weaving project without hassle using the 4" Beginner's Loom. Our loom comes fully assembled and features starter yarn along with a basic project already started for you on the loom. Instructions on finishing this project, starting other projects and selecting yarn are included. The loom weighs only 3 pounds making it easy to transport, yet it is made from durable maple and features a pre-warped, rigid heddle for easy weaving. This heddle makes both complex and simple projects very manageable on this beginner's loom. Designed with simplicity at heart, this loom is perfect for children or for any beginner weaver. The loom comes with one 4" heddle and one shuttle. Create high-quality projects up to 4" wide and 3 yards long.

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