BEKA RH-10 Beginner's Loom

BEKA RH-10 Beginner's Loom

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RH-10 Rigid Heddle Weaving Loom

Product Description:
BEKA RH-10 Beginner's Loom.
Our BEGINNER'S WEAVING LOOM is perfect for the young and the young-at-heart. An excellent loom for the beginning weaver, it also performs well as a portable loom for more experienced weavers. This loom features Beka rigid heddles which provide the weaver with an easy and reliable method of weaving. Both simple and complex techniques may be done with this loom. Made of hard maple, our BEGINNER'S WEAVING LOOM comes fully assembled with a pre-warped heddle. A basic project is started on the loom, ready for weaving. Our instructions move through the rest of the project, then go step-by-step through planning and starting another project. Enough yarn is included so the weaver can get started as soon as the loom is out of its box. Weave projects up to 10" wide X 3 yards long. The assembled loom comes with one shuttle. The started project uses a 4" wide heddle for a narrow band of fabric. A 10" wide heddle is included. Adult Assembly Required. Weight 4 lbs.

Our RH loom comes with "warp" yarn on the loom (we use pearl cotton...but lots of yarns will work for warp on future projects) plus a small amount of "weft" yarn to get started. To finish the starter project you will need to add your own "weft" yarn...which can literally be any yarn you choose.

The instructions included with the loom describe ways to select yarn for future projects, but the key factors to keep in mind is that "warp" yarns need to be fairly strong and smooth, while "weft" yarns can be anything. If you want more information about weaving, you might look for a beginning weaving which case the type of weaving done on our looms is called "rigid heddle weaving". There is a great specialty weaving book publisher in Colorado that can provide even more information ....Interweave Press publishes Handwoven Magazine and specialty fibercraft books.
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Allentown, Pa

Kind of a pain to put the warp through the heddle, but otherwise I love it!
Bellevue, WA

I purchased this for a 12 year old autistic child. Am hopeful that she will be able to learn how to use. will let you know. But am very happy with the serivce and the product.

the loom was a birthday gift for granddaughter who lives in Houston. She had some type of weaving sticks but expressed a desire to have a loom. I checked the usual craft stores but nothing and then I found your store on the web. She is totally elated with her gift. Thank you.
New Orleans, LA

Great value for a beginner's loom, actually this was the best price for this item that I could find. I bought the BEKA 10 inch Beginner's Loom for myself after being flummoxed by a more complicated and expensive loom. Now instead of frustration I am having fun getting used to it and weaving my first project. My only suggestion so far would be to buy more yarn when you get the loom because I can tell that I will be needing more soon!
Janesville, WI

I am older than your average user 57. I needed to make a custom weave fabric for a project, This was a perfect loom for the project. The loom is simple, and easy to work with to make a nice piece of woven fabric. I can see this also being fascinating for young people to create their own designs...
Seminole, FL

This was a gift to a 10 year old student of mine. She was delighted, and immediately begin completing the provided project. Great price. Fast shipping.

My daughter is delighted with this loom. Promptly shipped by Madison Art Shop and a great price, too. We'll shop here again.