Beethoven Video (DVD)

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Beethoven Video(VHS/DVD). The ideal companion for music students, their teachers, and music appreciation classes...featuring the resources of two of the world’s greatest centers for music excellence—The Moscow Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music.

A rich menu of sight and sound that places the major works of the master at students’ fingertips. Filmed at the Conservatoire, the program features:

• performances by the Moscow Symphony under the direction of Constantine Kremitz, and

• full commentary and analysis of the works by Roderick Swanston of the Royal Academy of Music.

Comprehensive and fully interactive, with...

• a text and video biography of Beethoven’s life and times, narrated by well-known conductor David Palmer

• a list of the complete works, with selected audio and video performances • illuminated scores synchronized to aid sight-reading

• a detailed survey of 19th-century theory and criticism of Beethoven’s works

• interactive archival reviews, contemporary to the compositions

• a database of archival illustrations of Beethoven’s life and accomplishments

• a glossary of research sources, including Internet links, discography, and comprehensive bibliography

The CD-ROM can be used with either Windows or Macintosh.
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