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Product Description:
Artograph 1530 HOBBY MODEL SPRAY SYSTEM Top-Selling Complete Spray Booth System.

Do you work with paints, adhesives or anything that gives off fumes? This is the solution to protect your health.
Place the Artograph 1530 Hobby Model Spray System on your work table and do your spraying or inside the spray booth’s 15-in. x 30-in. work-space. The system sucks in all the vapors and fumes without disturbing your work. You will not smell a thing!
Alternatively, you can even do your hobbying or any work near the spray booth and it will also pull in any fumes or toxins.

The Artograph Spray Booth is can be used near a window to vent out all fumes out the window. (Built-in exhaust adapter for venting outdoors).
It can also be used in the middle of any room without outdoor venting. The systems triple-filters will handle it. However, by venting outdoors, the replaceable filters will last longer. Filters should last 3 months with regular use. You will know when they need replacing when you start to smell the fumes from your work. Spray booth comes with easy-ordering instructions for replacement filters.

Perfect for Model-Builders!
Reduces over-spray & odors from aerosol or airbrush-painting

• 370 CFM airflow (Free or Unrestricted Air)
• Motors are spark-proof
• UL approved
• 15-in. x 30-in. (38 x 76 cm) work-space – holds items 28-in. (l) long x 13-in. (w)
• Suitably inclined
• Metal-hood with a clear-window for good lighting
• Perforated front-edge for hanging small parts
  • Width: 30"
  • Depth: 15 ˝ "
  • Height: 21"
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Electrical: 115V, 15-watts
  • 5-year warranty included FREE
  • Made in the U.S.A.

    3-stage filter system:
    1. Pre-filter sheet
    2. Thick Polyester mid-filter
    3. Polyester/Carbon filter.

    Product Highlights…
  • 15" x 30" (38 x 76 cm) work surface
  • Metal spray guard hood with clear acrylic window allows for more ambient light
  • Built in exhaust port for external venting
  • High efficiency, replaceable Three-stage filter design
  • Airflow: 370 CFM

    Features Three-Stage Filter Design:

    1st Stage:
    100% polyester pre-filter media that traps the bulk of the initial spray and provides a continuous clean work surface. Spray Systems includes 5 pre-cut sheets. Replacement Pre-Filters available in a pre-cut 20 sheet pack or unique cost-saving 50-yard roll.

    2nd Stage: Under the pre-filter is a 1" thick non-woven polyester air-laid material with a blue PVC tackifier binder on the exit side. This material, unlike fiberglass, is non-toxic, will not migrate on the air exit side and offers excellent filtration for particles 5 microns or larger. Spray System includes 1 each of this non-woven polyester material.

    3rd Stage: A carbon-impregnated polyester (poly-carb) offering high odor and further particle-trapping efficiency. Spray System includes 1 each of this filter.

    Three-Stage Filter
    Two Powerful 185 CFM Exhaust Ports

    The 1530 offers a three-stage filter system: a replaceable pre-filter sheet, which captures the bulk of the sprayed materials (available in a cost saving roll), a thick polyester mid-filter and a polyester/carbon filter. The built in exhaust adapter can be outfitted for external venting. The metal hood features a clear window for excellent illumination and a perforated front edge for hanging small parts.

    (Units come with ordering information for replacement filters and accessories.)

    Specs on exhaust fan:
    115 Volt 30 Watts
    2 Fans
    Airflow +370
    It’s ok to leave on and running 24/7

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  • Customer Reviews
    5 Ordered 1530 on Sunday, arrived Thursday - Bravo!
    Easy setup, but I'm adding a subject support to keep things off the filters.
    Very pleased with price, quality, and service, and I have already placed another order for a Silentaire compressor. Mike D Dayton Ohio 09/21/2011 4 Great spray booth for my intended purpose -- painting model aircraft. The expanded size easily accommodates large airplane ship models. Set-up was easy. Venting fumes outside was quickly accomplished by purchasing a standard dryer hose clamps and then attaching it to the booth and a makeshift basement window insert. To make the booth "fully" operational, I'd recommend adding a small "peg board" base to provide a sturdier surface to work on and clip-on lighting. Mike Clover Belleville, IL 07/05/2011

    Both the 1520 and 1530 Spray System use spark-less motors; the spraying of lacquer using an aerosol or airbrush application should be fine. We do not recommend using commercial type sprayers with these spray systems as they cannot handle the volume.


    Artograph Spray Booth Frequently Asked Questions:

    How often do I have to change the filters and the hood?

  • Pre-filter: About every 90 surface sprays. (When the pre-filter roll is depleted.)
  • Filter Pak: About every 3 to 4 months. (Usually every two rolls of pre-filters.)
  • Activated Carbon Filter: about every 6 months to a year (Usually every two-filter paks.)
  • Replacement Hood: periodically or if it becomes damaged (More of a personal preference)
    Ordering instructions for all replacement filters are included with the unit.

    What kind of fans are used in your Spray Booth?
    The 1530 Spray Booth has a boxer brushless AC fan that is also thermally protected.

    Can I filter the over spray and odors out of doors?
    Yes. The 1530 has built in exhaust adapters. The over spray and odors can then be filtered out by attaching a standard 4" dryer hose to the exhaust adapter. (Recommended Maximum length of the dryer hose is 8 feet.)