ARTOGRAPH Inspire800 Art Projector

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Wake up your audience as you brighten photographs and artwork with the Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector
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Product Description:
Power up your photos and slides with the Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector. Now with 800 lumens of bright light and sharper contrast, the Inspire800 adds another great feature; wireless screen-sharing versatility for Android and Windows operating systems. Preset your images and review each step of art creation. The easy-to-use Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector is customizable for your specific needs. Create drawings and paintings and then simply access your artwork -- see what is being processed!

It is definitely time to upgrade from the old-style plastic sheets in the outdated, obsolete manual projector. The digitally-enhanced overhead Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector allows you to dump those old plastic or metal physical slides. Instead, you can quickly and easily access media from a number of data storage sources.

The Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector is a breeze to use but one of the best things about it is that when making a presentation, you do not have to store “hard copy” slides or prints. Important presentations won’t get lost in the shuffle of old-fashioned slide trays. Access your slides, photos and artwork with a touch of the finger -- the information is ready when you need it. With the Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector, you are able to create square images from angled surfaces; the unit works in areas that not would not sustain a traditional manual slide projector. Another great feature is that nearby obstacles -- your body, for example -- will not be in the audience’s viewing range.

The Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector provides the exact settings needed to preview your work’s tonality, gray-scale, low or high contrast and detail. This light-weight projector -- just over a pound -- uses maintenance-free 800 lumens LED, 30,000 hour lamps. Image and color controls for the Inspire800 include color, black and white, image rotation, flip and reverse, correction, temperature and edge adjustment, and dynamic contrast. Mount the unit on a tripod, plug it in to your computer (using RGB, USB or HDMI components), grab the fully-functioning remote control and turn out the lights! The Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector projects at a range of about 25 to 100 inches. With 22 grids and bonus “on-board” geometric patterns and shapes, you can add edging and backgrounds to your presentations -- bring your artwork forward!

The Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector is compatible with smart phones, iPhones, iPads and other tablets. The projector size is 5.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches. The package includes the remote, battery, multi-voltage A/C adapter (100-240 V, 50/60 Hz),multi-card USB card reader and storage bag.

Customer Reviews

Bring your presentations to life with the latest technology. Order the ARTOGRAPH Inspire800 Art Projector for your presentation needs today.

The ARTOGRAPH Inspire800 Art Projector offers an enormous upgrade from traditional manual projectors that use clear plastic sheets. In addition to eliminating physical slides, the unit only weighs one pound. This digital overhead projector displays media from almost any type of data storage. The unit is also compatible with many smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.

With this projector, presenters no longer need to print or store hard-copy overhead slides and are never caught off guard because they have lost or misplaced an important presentation slide. Users can create presentation materials on any capable device and retrieve it easily. A multi-featured remote control lets users change the ARTOGRAPH Inspire800 Art Projector's magnification, color and other traits as well as allowing them to flip through slide show presentations with ease.

The ARTOGRAPH Inspire800 Art Projector features a powerful 800 lumen LED display that brings presentations to life with high definition clarity. The projector also features the capability to square images to a viewing surface from an offset angle making it easy to set up the projector in locations that were previously unsuitable with traditional units. The focusing feature also allows presenters to situate the projector so it does not block the audience’s line of sight, a capability that creates more viewable audience seating. This feature also makes it easier to set the device up at an angle and use it as a template for artistic projects.

Artograph, of course, also designed this for artists. One can project a digital image onto a canvas or wall and trace out the projection to begin their art. Please note however, this a Digital Projector, not an Opaque Projector.
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