Artograph LIGHT TRACER® Light Box

Artograph LIGHT TRACER® Light Box

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The all purpose light box. Portable and light. Conveniently slanted. 10" x 12".

Product Description:
Artograph LIGHT TRACER® Light Box – With the Autograph Light Tracer Light Box so many of your craft projects will be made easier with the illuminated work table. Whether you are using it for scrapbooking, tracing or quilting ect. You will find this to be the ideal lightbox. Conveniently sized at 10”x12”. The working area is on a slant for easier use. There is also a recessed tray to keep all you pencils, chalk and all necessary tools organized and within arm’s-reach. The Artograph Light Tracer Light Box is illuminated by a 8-watt fluorescent lamp, which is included This will provide you with 7500 hours of use; enough time to complete all your projects. The lighting produces an overall uniform lighting which prevents hot spots. This is an electronically operating light box. This is the perfect light box for all of your art projects. It is also excellent for your children to work on as well. Adult supervision is required for children under twelve years of age.

  • 10" x 12" (25 x 30 cm) acrylic work surface
  • Standard 12", 8-watt daylight fluorescent (included)
  • Lamp provides 7500 hours of use
  • Conveniently slanted for comfort
  • Handy tool tray
  • Even lighting, no hot spots
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • CE and UL approved
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Customer Reviews

    Artograph LIGHT TRACER® Light Box

    All purpose budget-priced light box for the artist or crafter…

    Features a 10" x 12" conveniently slanted tracing surface and handy recessed tool tray to keep pencils, chalk, embossing stylus, and other tracing tools at your finger tips. Illuminated by a long-life "daylight" 8-watt fluorescent lamp (included). Uniform lighting prevents hot spots. Electrically operated product. Adult supervision is required. Ages 12 and up.

    What others say about the LightTracer Light Box:

    "Great sloped design. More comfortable than just plain flat!!"

    "The size of this machine is perfect. Thank you very much!!"

    "I have looked for this type product for a long time."

    "I've always wanted a light table - I'm very happy with this one."

    "Learning to paint and draw, this is a great asset...!"