GUIDECRAFT Arches and Tunnels

GUIDECRAFT Arches and Tunnels
This set of arches and tunnels enhances your child's block building play! They can create cities and houses with real curved arches, or roads with tunnels. There's no limit to your child's imagination, so give them everything they need to fulfill it!
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Product Description:

The GUIDECRAFT Arches and Tunnels block set is the perfect gift for children who love to build with blocks. The smooth, wooden arches can be placed on buildings or over roads of their own creation, forming unique arches and tunnels.

This unique set adds a whole new dimension to their block building, and lets them explore all types of building. Your child can design entirely new structures while they learn to understand a curve form. They can build new cities, or add roads and highways with unique arches. 

Give your child even more hours of fun and educational entertainment with this arches and tunnels block set.

The arches and tunnels block set comes with 10 blocks. It includes 2 tunnels and 8 arches. Shipping is free!

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