Animated Soviet Propaganda Video (DVD/VHS)

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Animated Soviet Propaganda Video (DVD/VHS). Here is an exclusive opportunity to view rare films and footage never before seen outside the former Soviet Union. From the Lenin era to the dawn of perestroika, this four-part series provides an in-depth look at the spectacular animation produced by the Soviet propaganda machine. As bold and expressive as they are vitriolic and disturbing, these films open a window into the mentality of Soviet leadership during much of the 20th century—paranoid, defiant, and fully capable of constructing a magnificent aesthetic landscape. In separate installments or as a series, this is a powerful teaching tool for Russian history, political science, and media studies courses. Portions are in Russian with English subtitles. The DVD version can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive. 4-part series, 106-152 minutes each.

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