Manage toddler's behavior by teaching them traffic rules.
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Overturned snack plates may cause a spilt milk hazard just because someone did not follow the traffic rules. Please don't park an elephant in the handicapped parking spot (unless the elephant is handicapped and has the proper permit). This is the type of fun imaginable using these wonderful, miniature traffic signs from Guidecraft. Need the kids to stop at a certain place? Use the stop sign. Want them to understand the difference between a pedestrian crossing, a bicycle lane, and a train crossing? There are signs for those things also. Kids love to learn and follow the rules. These wonderful traffic signs help them learn about one-way streets, when it is not permitted to enter, handicapped parking, stop lights, when to yield and proper places to park. Good future citizens come from helping toddlers learn these traffic rules. Adults will appreciate these signs have a sturdy wood construction with a stable base, suitable for placement on either a table or the floor.

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