4-Station Metal Workbench - LB-6A

Maximize space in the shop or classroom with four workstations and built-in storage.
Item Code: SH-MWB-12A

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Product Description:

Space for four workers with unused equipment stored safely below allows for a safe and efficient work place. Safety on the work-site is essential for everyone. That lesson can begin in the classroom with teaching students to lock up tools and valuables in the storage beneath the table top. When tools are stored in the proper place, it is quicker and easier to complete the task. 

Separated work zones make it is easy to tell which students have mastered the skill of maintaining a clean work zone. Keeping a clean work area is an important skill that is often forgotten in the workplace and rarely mentioned on recommendations. This unit reminds workers to keep a clean, neat, and safe environment. 

Teach your students the importance of safety in the workplace with this four station workbench with built-in storage. 

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