Manikin 4 1/2"

Manikin 4 1/2
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Manikin 4 1/2"

Introducing Arty, your artistic side-kick! He may be small, but he’s got big personality. This micro manikin is a cute, 2-1/2" companion that will happily follow you everywhere. Accessorize keys, purses, backpacks – anything!

4 1/2-inch Manikin

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North Scituate, RI
May 07, 2006

This seller carries an item (ulta-small wooden manikins) that OUGHT to be available at ANY decent art supply store, only it was not. At Madison Art Shop I was able to navigate their site with ease, locate the item, make payment and receive shipment of the item within a very reasonable amount of time. This was all accomplished with excellent communication from Madison Art Shop throughout the process. They can count on my repeat business for similar purchases and I have now bookmarked their site as the FIRST place to go to for any item that might be a bit outside-the-ordinary. Thank You to Madison Art Shop for being a seller who understands how to create the experience of Internet commerce the way it is supposed to be conducted...