Schoenhut AMP5 5 Watt Amp

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Since your child is a music lover, there is no better solution to amplifying their sound than with this cool amplifier by Schoenhut: the portable Schoenhut 5 Watt Amp.
Item Code: Schoenhut-AMP5

Sale Price: $37.99

Product Description:

The irony of children and their minds is that in many ways, they dream as if they are adults themselves. Since there is such a high level of expectation that each child has for him or herself, it makes sense to purchase children base products that have adult-like features. So for young children inclined to musical instruments that need quality and reliable amplification, there is nothing quite like the Schoenhut 5 Watt Amp. This a portable amplifier that doesn't limit your child’s use to one area. With a suitable shoulder strap, this 5-watt amp can be operated while a young musician is moving from place to place. A 9V battery connection allows for this portability, and there are other cool features that make the amp even more functional. They include: a headphone input, a treble knob, a master volume, an input connection and a standard, external-DC-power jack. With it’s durable design, your child will be amplifying fun music wherever he or she goes. They won't be able to put this fun device down.

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