Wall Mounted Tool Storage Cabinet w/0 tools-10

A good tool cabinet is vital for any artist or handicrafter, and this one is both efficient and unobtrusive. 
Item Code: SH-MC-54

Mfg List: $424.00
Sale Price: $369.99
You Save: $54.01 (13%)

Product Description:

This top-of-the-line tool cabinet isn't just for wrenches. Whether you're an artist, a hobbyist, or a full-time craftsman, you know that the tools of your trade are too important to leave lying about. Unfortunately, you may feel that you don't have the extra space needed to properly organize them, either. If this sounds like you, a wall mounted cabinet may be just what you need!

This cabinet takes up very little room horizontally, and since it's mounted on the wall it helps make use of space that you wouldn't be likely to use otherwise. This can make your workroom more efficient and help free up space you didn't know you had! The price is one of the lowest you'll find, and so is the shipping, even at this Oversize rate of $105.95

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