Alvin Vel Papr W/T-Blk 11X17 100Pkg

Alvin Vel Papr W/T-Blk 11X17 100Pkg
Alvin Vellum Paper does not smudge or tear and is of the highest quality. Buy some today for your next project.
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Product Description:
Alvin Vellum Paper is much higher quality than most tracing papers, so if you are looking for the best, you’ve come to the right place. Alvin Vellum is made from synthetic resins, so this paper won’t tear easily, nor will it smudge or leave a ghost image of whatever you need to erase. Erasing does not cause smears or streaks either. When you need to erase something, rest assured the image you want to remove will be completely gone. And, if you need to make copies, the erased images won’t show up on the reproductions, either. These same synthetic resins also keep the paper from discoloring, and make the paper strong, eliminating crease lines and marks from abrasions. This strength keeps Alvin Vellum paper from tearing easily, unlike many other vellums on the market. This tracing paper beautifully accepts pencil, ink, water colors, crayons, or even typewriting – actually just about any medium you need to use on it. The paper’s fine tooth holds on to the pencil graphite well, so it doesn’t readily fade or rub off. The paper also performs well retaining all its properties when run through copy machines and printers. Alvin vellums are uniform between lots due to the company’s dedication to high quality control standards, so if you run out of one batch, you can be assured the next batch won’t differ in quality, appearance and the high-quality working surface. You can buy Alvin Vellum on rolls in 5-yard, 20-yard or 50-yard lengths, which are packaged in protective plastic bags, or in 10-sheet or 100-sheet plastic-sealed packages or in pads of 50 sheets each that are individually shrink-wrapped.
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