Unison Pastels SOUTHWEST SET/18

Unison Pastels SOUTHWEST SET/18
Unison soft pastels, southwest set
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Product Description:

This is a wonderful set of 18 high quality soft pastels that evokes the colors of the Southwest, heavy on the aquas, turquoises, earth tones and a bit of rusty red.

Unison as a pastel maker dates only from the 1980s. This company combines very new pigment technology with ancient manufacturing--each pastel is made by hand and dried, like an old-fashioned baker.  Unison makes a wonderfully complete spectrum of pastels. Each chemical composition is considered individually in order to obtain the brightest and clearest colors from the component pigment chemical combinations.  Pastel artists excommunicate anyone who calls these sticks "chalk," because they aren't.  Chalk is merely dyed gypsum, but pastels are pure pigment with a bit of binder--and Unison makes  amazing quality pastels.  One of their big strengths is that the dark pigments are truly dark, which is apparently rare in the pastel world. The consistency of Unison pastels are described as sot, buttery, creamy, and wonderfully easy to blend and edit.

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