Unison Pastels Full 402 pc Set

Unison Pastels Full 402 pc Set
Explore the soft, velety medium of Unison Pastels with their full set of 402 pastel sticks. Pastels are handmade with utmost care, and provide beautiful, textured color to your next work of art. 
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Product Description:

Unison Pastels was founded by London artist and entrepreneur John Hersey, who was determined to make a pastel with quality texture that didn't easily break. Hersey created what became Unison Pastels, one of the world's leading pastel manufacturers focused on quality, craftsmanship, and attention to fine color pigmentation. Jack Richeson & Co Inc introduces Unison Pastels full set, which includes 402 pastel colors, from earthy landscape tones to lighter, skin-toned hues. Set also includes all of Unison's newest colors.

Unison Pastels are like no other. Handmade in Northumberland, England, pigments are carefully mixed, hand rolled, and given the proper amount of time to dry. Careful attention to detail keeps Unison Pastels free from hard, cracked spots, and allows artists to swiftly draw with its soft, lightfast material. 

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