Ann Templeton: Warm and Cool DVD - Oil

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Ann Templeton: Warm and Cool DVD - Oil
Ann, an oil & pastel-conceptual impressionist who likes to describe her paintings as "symbolic expressions", has been painting since 1969. She currently teaches 15+ art seminars each year throughout the United States and abroad. She also lectures, teaches for art guilds, college-classes, and juries competitive art shows several times a year.

Her style and enthusiasm are winning her awards all over the country and she is highly regarded for her teaching expertise and color usage.

Painting the two works in this DVD, Ann shows how she uses the concept of "Warm and Cool" as the basic theme for each. She explains how to simplify and abstract the landscape close up or distant and how to work with clean color. Ann also emphasizes the beauty of working with
transparent and opaque paint.
Running Time: 2hrs
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