Best Studio Taboret 5 Drawer with Cubby

Item Code: JR-880077

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Product Description:
This is a high quality Best Studio Taboret with 5 drawers and a cubby, and it is made with the same commitment to quality that BEST uses with all of their art furniture products. The 5 drawer taboret has plenty of storage space for art materials, and it is composed of durable oak and oak plywood for longevity. Will last for years with the proper maintenance. The side cubby on this taboret is perfect for storing paper or canvases.


  • Taboret: 28" (width) x 18" (depth) x 30" (height)
  • Top 3 drawers (inside): 14 ¾" (width) x 16 ½" (depth) x 1 ¾" (height)
  • 4th drawer (inside): 14 ¾" (width) x 16 ½" (depth) x 6 ¼" (height)
  • 5th drawer (inside) 14 ¾" (width) x 16 ½" (depth) x 9" (height)
  • Side cubby: 9 ¾" (width) x 17 ½" (depth) x 24" (height)

    Shipping: $166.50
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    San Clemente, CA
    June 16, 2012

    This piece offers a nice work area on top to hold my pastels and such while supplying ample storage space. It's super sturdy construction, well made and came almost completely assembled. Just needed to put the wheels on. I am very happy with my purchase and feel this will be a valuable piece in my art space for quite some time. Great value.