Xylem Design Steel Expo Easel

Item Code: XD-SE-56

Sale Price: $54.95

Product Description:
Steel Expo Easel. The Steel Expo Easel is all about easy setup and durability. These steel-tube easels are held together with steel rivets. They will take abuse like nothing else on the market! They are also easy to set up. One-piece legs and a simple leg-lock system allow for setup time of under a minute, including cutting open the box! Compression-screw pegs allow you to tighten them so they won't go anywhere. These easels were designed to be used as rentals; own one and it will probably last through more trade shows than you :)

The Expo easel has no loose parts to keep track of and folds flat for easy storage.
Plastic feet will not mar floors.
An intelligently engineered leg brace system makes the easel very stable.
Sliding pegs adjust to hold any sign from 6 inches to 6 feet.
Seriously durable construction takes real abuse.
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Chicago, IL
May 10, 2013

I am beyond suprised with the duribility of this easel. When it arrived I was in a panic...no way this would work. But I was pleasently wrong! I currently have a piece 60x40, 25lbs and it looks great. Not bulky, very streamline and STRONG.<br />
<br />
A great suggestion from the staff, thank you!!