Shain Steel Workbench - 2" RS-11

A steel workbench provides a user one of the most durable forms of seating and surface use available in workshop furniture. When a bombproof furniture type needed, this is the way to go.
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Product Description:

Steel workbenches provide artists and creators a bombproof work surface that can take a beating and still be entirely functional without issue. These surfaces are able to handle chemicals, heat, cold, impact and more far better than plastic or wood surfaces and without any kind of warping, wrinkling, or burn marks. Too often, softer surfaces are used for experiments or chemical work, and then a permanent mark is left, fouling up the surface for a later use. With a steel surfacing, a work bench can be used for all types of functions and uses, and the steel surfacing will still be same. It's also extremely easy to sanitize and keep clean as well.

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