MOUNTAIN BOY SLEDWORKS Slalom Steerable Toboggan

This large sled helps make memories for people of all ages. 
Item Code: MBS-MBS-0701-11

Mfg List: $149.99
Sale Price: $129.99
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Product Description:

Some winter outdoor enthusiasts might call the MOUNTAIN BOY SLEDWORKS Slalom Steerable Toboggan the "king of all sleds." This one allows for advanced maneuverability to help avoid trees, stumps, rocks, dips, and other obstructions on the way downhill. 

Get ready for a day of skilled fun. Beginners can also try it, but they better hold on tight because it's going to be a wild but exhilarating ride! The Slalom Toboggan is  made from 5/8-inch-thick marine grade molded plywood. It's also been treated for protection against water and moisture, and the steering pivot gives the front rider incredible directional control. 

This well-constructed sled is made for people who love adventure. It's wide stance and stable construction allows it to travel through powdery snow, and the hardwood runners give it premium speed and control when moving across hardpack ground. Padding for it is available but sold separately. 

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