MOUNTAIN BOY SLEDWORKS Colorado Kicksled - Click to enlarge
MOUNTAIN BOY SLEDWORKS Colorado Kicksled - Click to enlarge
(On back-order. Estimated ship date: January 15th '15.) Don't let the next winter storm keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Whether you need an easy way to get around during the snowy season or you simply want to enjoy some good outdoor winter activities with your family, the Nordic tradition of kickseddding allows easy travel through any winter terrain.
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(On back-order. Estimated ship date: January 15th '15.)

Sledding offers a a good way to get around during the winter months, plus a wonderful opportunity to enjoy local scenery or simply get some fun aerobic exercise. This traditional Norwegian kicksled gives contemporary  sledders a way to get through snow-packed streets and mountainsides with ease.  Offering a hand-made slatted seat constructed from American White Ash, this roomy sled can seat several people and their cargo  in comfort.  

Easy to manuever on just about nay hard packed snow surfaces, the Mountainboy Sledworks Kicksled is more than an ordinary recreational sled. Sure, it can be used to take your family (or just your  sweethaerrt) for a ride through the countryside, or it can help you to get your errands done when roads are blocked.  

Measuring 36H x 24W x 72L it is big enough for two adults or one adult and two children, yet still is lightweight enough at just 17 ppounds to be maneuverablre. Made to last, this antique-style kicksled is a beautful reproduction of the Nordic styles that  made this sled popular in the European mountains for centuries.

Although made with a variety of hardwoods that give this sled a unique and classy look, it remains a modern wonder, featuring safety components necessary to ensure the riders ultimate safety while in use.  Some of the most notable features on this sled include:

* high grade annodized steel bolts and screws

* tempered steel runners made for peak flexibility

* hand carved willow branch handles

* copper foot rests

Each handcrafted, one-of-a- kind sled offers a unique look and feel. No two are alike, each made by hand in the mountains of Silverton, Colorado to meet manufacturer specs while also giving its user the authenticity of having a one-of-a kind sled made specifically for them. 

Welded rings on the runners also  makes it a wonderful option for dog sledding and racing.  This adds to the sled's appeal and versatility.

Not just a practical device, the design and look of this authentic kicksled offers outdoor lovers a chance to experience traditional Nordic kicksledding at its best. It is both sleek and beautiful. 

Manufacturered with a 300 pound capacity, this sled is recommended for those 3 years and up and may need some assembly. It comes with a one year warranty. 

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