MOUNTAIN BOY SLEDWORKS Double Kicksled - Click to enlarge
MOUNTAIN BOY SLEDWORKS Double Kicksled - Click to enlarge
(On back-order. Estimated ship date: January 15th '15.) The Double Kicksled is a great way for the family to enjoy winter outdoor fun. The combination of a high quality sled assembly with vintage feel and the ability to involved a pusher and rider make this sled particularly fun as a group event versus just a solo rider. Additionally, the fabrication is so unique, some will think this sled is a vintage collectible versus new.
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Product Description:
(On back-order. Estimated ship date: January 15th '15.)

Not all snow sledding is about going down a hill face first on sled projectile. Some folks prefer to sit, and the MOUNTAIN BOY SLEDWORKS Double Kicksled is just the ticket for a more relaxed or reclined approach to winter fun and outdoor entertainment.

Crafted in a vintage fashion with stained wood and smooth finishes, many onlookers will wonder if this sled is a restored vintage collectible zipping by them on the snow slopes. The assembly is made of birch handles and beautiful hardwood slats, following the construction style of Norwegian kicksled designs that have been around for decades. The slats, made from authentic American ash are all held together with stainless steel hardware as well as anondized steel hardware for stronger joints. Additionally, all of the wood surfaces have been covered and finished with multiple layers of UV-resistant varnish and protection, ensuring the long life of this sled, even in the wet environment of snow.

Additional features include a copper footrest which will gain color with age, a handcrafted sturdy handle system for upper control, and long steel runners with clean edges and tempered surfaces for easy movement across the snow.

With the Kicksled two can enjoy time in the snow for the price of one. The form of kicksledding ensures a fun but healthy workout for the pushing person, and the rider gets to enjoy the scenery as well as the ride sitting on the sled itself. This is a great choice for those with a partner who wants to sit a bit or or parents with small children who need to stay put. It's also the perfect sled tool for gentle slopes, entertaining everyone on board each ride down the hill.

Due to the size of the MOUNTAIN BOY SLEDWORKS Double Kicksled, additional shipping costs will apply to orders (Oversize shipping: $45.00).

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