Skeleton Models

ART SKELETON MODELS for Human Body Skeleton Drawing and all other uses of Human Body Skeleton.

Madison Art Shop has an excellent quality selection of accurately proportioned Human Skeleton Models.
Use these plastic art skeletons for set-ups of figure sketching and drawing. They are ideal for training artists in how to capture the intricacies of the human body! Life-like skeletons have removable arms, legs, and skull halves that allow you to focus on each individual body part, and joints are designed to duplicate natural movements. The mouth conveniently opens and shuts. Skeleton models come with a sturdy stand for easy display. (Can be removed from stand and returned.)

Although Human Skeleton Models are Perfect for Skeleton Drawing, skeleton Manikins have a wide range of other uses. Display your skeleton for decoration during Halloween, enrich curriculums with school skeleton projects, or display in the doctors' office. Art Skeletons can appeal to a variety of creative and educational applications, so use your imagination.

Perfect for Skeleton Drawing. Great for Halloween Skeletons, School Skeleton Pojects, Doctors' Office Skeleton and many other uses.