Silentaire Sil-Air 50-15 Ultra-Quiet Compressor

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Product Description:
Silentaire Sil-Air 50-15 Ultra-Quiet Compressor – The Silentaire Sil-Air 50-15 Ultra-Quiet Compressor comes with all of the features that the super silent series offers. Each unit comes equipped with a pressure regulator, with built in moisture trap and line pressure gauge, safety valve, air tank filter. What set this model apart from the super silent series is that cast iron motor. With this type of motor the heat is spread more efficiently thereby allowing you to operate more efficiently. One – three airbrush artists can be working simultaneously. This is one of the most powerful compressors you will find for your airbrushing needs. It has a ˝ horse power motor with a 4 gallon tank. The larger the tank the more efficient the compressor will operate. With a large tank the compressor shuts off less time per day than those with a smaller tank. Each time that the compressor switched on or off, heat is created. Heat is what destroys the motors life. So if you are very big compressor user you will want go with a large size compressor. This model, the Silentaire Sil-Air 50-15, will allow you to accomplish all your airbrushing projects, or whatever other practice you are purchasing this machine for. For your convenience there is a built in handle and wheels, making traveling with the compressor easy.

1/2 HP, 4 Gallon Tank
2.15 CFM Free Air
84-114 PSI Op-Pressure
Shipping Weight: 61 pounds
Voltage: 110Volt/60Hz
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